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Smart Business Strategies You Can Learn from… Football?

Turns out, each of these events offers valuable lessons for SMBs, lessons that can save you time, money and even heartache.

The business lesson from the Super Bowl comes, unfortunately, in the form of a horror story. Denver Broncos defensive lineman Elvis Dumervil was cut from the team in 2013, after five years as a Bronco, because his agent failed to submit Dumervil’s signed, $8 million contract to extend his tenure with the team before the negotiating period ended.

Why didn’t the agent get information how to fax from iphone in on time? He couldn’t find a copy place to fax the hardcopy in time! And if not for that awful fax mistake in 2013, Elvis Dumervil would have been a Bronco this season — playing in this week’s Super Bowl. (Although, given Denver’s performance, that might not have been a much better outcome for Dumervil.)

The lesson? If you’re in business — whether playing professional sports or running a small consulting practice — you need the ability to receive, sign and send faxes digitally, by email, anywhere, anytime.

eFax has just released a new version of its mobile fax app (for iOS and Android devices), which lets users sign fax documents online using just a finger swipe across their mobile screens.

The lessons from National Signing Day? There are plenty of great ones. Read about them in eFax’s National Signing Day press release.

Purchase eco-friendly products

At Level 2 of the Save-the -Planet game, you’ll be actively seeking out new products for your business — no different in performance from your old versions of these standard office supplies, but manufactured with content that makes them more eco-friendly. Some examples:

Look for post-consumer recycled materials

These are products used with materials recycled after consumer use in another form, which would have otherwise been disposed of as solid waste. Favor when possible products that boast a percentage of post-consumer recycled content on their packaging.

According to the StopWaste Partnership, one ton of paper made with 30% post-consumer recycled (40 cartons containing 10 reams each) will save more than seven trees.

The most common example is standard paper, but virtually any product can contain post-consumer material. Other examples include mouse pads and other desk accessories, scissors and other metal-based products, pencils and file folders. According to the Forrest Ecology Network, the typical office supply vendor should have 2,000 products with some post-consumer recycled content.

Look for water-efficient products

The EPA’s WaterSense program identifies products that use less water for manufacture and ongoing use. The agency claims that the products certified under WaterSense are 20% more energy-efficient than similar products without the certification.

Examples of water-saving products include weather based irrigation systems, water heaters, sinks and faucets, showerheads, toilets and urinals. You can look for WaterSense-certified products at our site.

Look for bio-based products

Bio-based products are made partly from biological materials and are therefore biodegradable and less of a long-term burden on the environment. The EPA’s BioPreferred® program looks for products with at least 25% bio-based material, which it believes is the minimum for a positive environmental impact.

Examples of bio-based products include soaps and other cleaning products, inks and toner cartridges for printers, furniture and shipping containers. Look for BioPreferred-certified products at our site.

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