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iPhone will be a Projector Phone

The rumors and news related to Apple’s iPhone 14 is very hot at the moment creating ripples in its stocks. Apple is definitely the market leader. Apple has always loved challenges and was the first in them. Best apps like call recording, best camera and many more. The consumers are excited to learn about of the possibility of new features addition to iPhone 14 scheduled to be launched by March, 2022 as we reported earlier.

There is a great possibility that the iPhone 13 shall have innovative Projector integration facility of Pico Projector on iPhone 13 device enabling the video getting projected on a flat surface at a short distance away from iPhone 13, which shall act as a very handy device with every thing ready and carried in the pocket by the owner to project a video presentation to the audience, without any other requirements necessary conventionally at the moment.

There are number of likely innovations, which can be anticipated in iPhone 13 like a fast chip , A6 Chip , which shall feature a new operating system , iOS 6 ,capable of handling complex situations without having strains on the processor.

It has become necessary for Apple keep a distance from Samsung, which is troubled with many patent law suits at various stages and the option is to adopt a new A6 chip, possibly its production to be carried out at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company with facilities of testing and packaging by Siliconware Precision Industries. These two companies are located inTaiwan.

Presently LTE is available on Verizon in US, the likelihood of 4G availability shall be by end of 2021, which iPhone 5 shall be missing and there are great chances that iPhone 6 shall be having feature of 4G service of AT&T which shall be released by iPhone 6 gets launched by October, 2022. The iPhone shall make available on its phones the services of both carriers. The present users of Verizon are likely to repent because the speed of LTE network; shall be much higher.

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