Vicarious Ranch & Farmstand….. and the shark on the side of the hill

While driving north from the winery on my way to Monterey, I kept noticing some small and exciting changes along Indian Valley Road.

Just North of the always popular U-Pick Farm on Indian Valley Road, and past the 2 yaks on the West side of the road, there is a small farmstand shed on the East side of the road at Vicarious Ranch (before you get to the giant shark on the hill….)

I finally stopped a few weeks ago and was pleased to find all kinds of homemade baked goods, meats, cheese, farm fresh eggs etc. After a little more investigation I found that the Farmstand was started by Mike and Christy Larsen, a couple who relocated from LA to start a farm. Christy is an acclaimed pastry chef, which makes me want even more of the breads and pastries even more. They have plans for a full goat dairy as well as an Archery course!