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Vicarious Ranch & Farmstand….. and the shark on the side of the hill

While driving north from the winery on my way to Monterey, I kept noticing some small and exciting changes along Indian Valley Road.

Just North of the always popular U-Pick Farm on Indian Valley Road, and past the 2 yaks on the West side of the road, there is a small farmstand shed on the East side of the road at Vicarious Ranch (before you get to the giant shark on the hill….)

I finally stopped a few weeks ago and was pleased to find all kinds of homemade baked goods, meats, cheese, farm fresh eggs etc. After a little more investigation I found that the Farmstand was started by Mike and Christy Larsen, a couple who relocated from LA to start a farm. Christy is an acclaimed pastry chef, which makes me want even more of the breads and pastries even more. They have plans for a full goat dairy as well as an Archery course!

Vicarious Ranch raises sheep, goats, Mangalista pigs, ducks and chickens. The soaps and lotions available are made from the goat milk produced by their herd. There is a selection of farm raised meats to purchase in the freezer as well.

Fresh bread and focaccia are baked every day the farmstand is open (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). There is also a selection of homemade jams to enjoy with your bread.

Once I got home I did a little more research online and found that not only do they have the farmstand, they have a fantastic blog “keeping up with the clampetts” which documents the farm life in Indian Valley. I watched a few videos with my mom and aunt, and could not contain my excitement. We are all trying to plan a visit to the ranch (hopefully they will allow us) Check them out on Instagram @vicarious_ranch and online at

It is always exciting to find awesome farm to table operations, especially when they are in your own back yard (Indian Valley Road)! I cannot wait to stop by again, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!!

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