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805 Coastal Kitchen - New Culinary Experience

Are you ready for a new type of culinary experience? We are excited to pair with Katie Prescott of 805 Coastal Kitchen for both our Runway Dinner on September 22nd, as well as a seated “sensory experience” in the tasting room on August 18th.

Katie’s approach to food and wine is much more basic and customized on a small scale. She actually doesn’t host dinners for any more than 25-30 people in order to focus on the quality and flavor of her cuisine as well as the detail and presentation.

She describes herself as “self-taught.” With a “farm to fork” philosophy. Katie moved back to her family’s farm in Paso Robles after living in the Bay Area for several years. Her menus are customized individually for every single pairing and every single customer; no menu is ever replicated, but maintains focus on individual flavors and “out of the box” pairings. She has a passion for pushing the envelope with unique flavors of food and essence of the individual wines. Katie also has a strong belief we “eat with our eyes,” and aspires to make each plate she presents a work of art both with flavor and presentation.

We look forward to seeing what flavors and dishes she will be able to create with our favorite wines. To give you an idea of one of the ideas we have tossed around the table so far is a pairing of Tuscan Nights with a “deconstructed Italian wedding soup.” Sage meatballs with a mushroom risotto with fried sage butter sauce. We hope you can join us!

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