Want to host a blind tasting for all your friends? We have you covered!!

Blind tastings can not only be a LOT of fun; every sip can be a conversation starter. You also have the ability to either host a small intimate group or create a fun experience with larger gatherings.

What is a “blind tasting.” Do I have to wear a blindfold? - No not necessarily, but some people do say that eliminating

one sense can heighten other senses!

Blind tastings cover a broad range of events. The basic gist according to the San Francisco Wine School is: “Blind tasting is the process of tasting and evaluating wines without any information about what those wines are.”

So, the sky is the limit. But don’t worry. We have 5 “tips” we created to help you host your own party.

Tip #1 – Select a theme!

As we have mentioned… the sky is the limit. You can pick your own theme. Have everyone bring their favorite bottle of “any” wine and see whose wine might be (choose the varietal, choose the best of a certain wine, try to pick the varieties out of a blend