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California 101- Winemaker Feature

LEADING LADIES IN WINE Winemaking is where art and science meet patience and muscle. I’m sure there’s a fancier way to say that, but Pliny the Elder never hung out in Paso Robles. So picture the shrugging girl emoji, and pour us another glass. While you’re at it, ponder the fact that according to trade association estimates, just 10 percent of winemakers in California are women. In such a progressive state, how is that number so low? Interestingly, that’s not something winemaker Caitlin Pianetta spends much time thinking about. She mostly fills her days working in the vineyards, driving forklifts, and crafting luscious red wines for Pianetta Winery — and pouring at their downtown Paso tasti

BREAKING NEWS: John Pianetta will blend anticipated "Altitude" Blend

We have received confirmation that John Pianetta, owner and founder of Pianetta, is currently in the process of blending the 2018 vintage "Altitude" blend. After its initial sell out release back in 2017, Altitude has been in high demand. The Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon blend will be bottled and released later this year. “I wanted consistency in the product,” John stated in the Fall of 2019. “I wanted to make sure the quality, flavor profile, and blend would be of the same standard as our original release. I have been very pleased with our initial blending trials and I think this will be a very special wine.” After taking over the majority of winemaking for Pianetta in 2017, John

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