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Loving the Central Coast

When you work in a hospitality industry sometimes it is difficult to stop and smell the roses… not because you don’t want to, but typically because you work odd hours. Most recently I was able to take a Saturday off and enjoy a few things that are often taken for granted and it sure made me realize how special the Central Coast is. I started off the day thinking I would just stop by the Farmer’s market to get some of the makings for Gazpatcho. This started off with a patrolling of the farmstands and finally settling my tomato purchase at Peacock farms, where I purchased heirloom tomatoes that were 2lbs each! I didn’t have to buy too many and then I picked up some peppers, cucumber, and oni

Of Wisdom and Wine: Harvest 2017

What can I say about the year 2017. The rainfall was fantastic, the growing year has developed well except for our record heat in early September, and the yields are looking promising for the area. Unfortunately the year hasn’t been as positive for the Pianettas! As my dad gets over Valley Fever I will be braving harvest on my own. As much as I feel prepared, the final decisions on picking dates, processing methods, yeast strains etc. leave me questioning my abilities. All the years that I have given my dad a hard time about looking over my shoulder as I work around the winery are starting to feel a little deserved! It always would drive me crazy to have him questioning my every move, b

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