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Loving the Central Coast

When you work in a hospitality industry sometimes it is difficult to stop and smell the roses… not because you don’t want to, but typically because you work odd hours.

Most recently I was able to take a Saturday off and enjoy a few things that are often taken for granted and it sure made me realize how special the Central Coast is.

I started off the day thinking I would just stop by the Farmer’s market to get some of the makings for Gazpatcho. This started off with a patrolling of the farmstands and finally settling my tomato purchase at Peacock farms, where I purchased heirloom tomatoes that were 2lbs each! I didn’t have to buy too many and then I picked up some peppers, cucumber, and onion from another neighboring farmstand.

I couldn’t pass up a bouquet of fresh flowers (well actually ornamental kale) at the flower lady, only $5/bunch.

I thought I was almost done, then I found one of my favorite charcuterie items, Alle Pia Salumi. These Italian salami makers are always so friendly and genuine. Their Salami is made locally and they even raise some of the animals that are used for the product! Every item they make is all natural and free of any type of preservative.

Needless to say it is delicious.

After the Alle Pia Salame I couldn’t pass up the Stepladder Creamery, which I follow on Facebook because of their wonderfully cute baby goats. Although I have never been out to their location, I was so excited to purchase one of their cheeses, Ragged Point, a creamy rich cows milk cheese.

Although I didn’t travel very far, just to the Templeton Farmer’s Market, I was able to enjoy several small pieces of so many areas of San Luis Obispo County.

Needless to say my Gazpacho was the best I have made yet!!

I can’t wait to go again soon.

Topped the day off with a little Pianetta Barbera and life was good.

What does your trip to Farmers' Market look like?

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