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6 Wine Tasting Tips from the Tasting Room

Wine tasting can seem intimidating, but with these 6 tips from a tasting room host, you'll get the most out of your experience. Try new things, and give wines a second chance. If there is a wine on the list you've never tasted before, try it! You might LOVE it. On the other hand, if there is a wine on the list that you have tried before and disliked other places, give it another shot. No two wines - even of the same varietal - will be the same. Drink, spit, or dump! There's no wrong way to do it. Use the tasting crackers as a cleanser, not a snack. Tasting crackers are there to cleanse your palate between wines. If you're hungry, some tasting rooms offer either small plates or full on lun

What Happens After Harvest

What is happening in the vineyard other than leaves falling off trees? If you have visited our vineyard, (or any vineyard) during the winter months, you will notice that the vines look barren and dead. Much to the contrary! The winter months in the vineyard are greatly overshadowed by the lush vibrant growing season from spring until fall, however, winter is actually a very important aspect to prepare the vine for the upcoming growing season. After harvest, a vine breaths a heavy sigh of relief as it is no longer stressed with producing fruit. Sometimes there can be secondary growth popping up as the vine starts to slow down for the winter. The vine will start its shut down dormancy proce

Holiday Gift Guide: Pianetta Wine

Give the gift of warm holiday cheer in a bottle! See the top 3 wines you'll want to give and receive this holiday season. JUG WINE Give the gift of jugs. Pianetta's jug wine blend is a comfortable, drinkable blend of Zinfandel and Grenache that pleases nearly every palate. Plus, how cute would it look with a big Christmas bow? PETITE SIRAH There is no wine more loved than Pianetta's Petite Sirah. Bold, deep and velvety characteristics set this wine apart from the crowd. Pair with dinner, family and friends, or a bubble bath. ESTATE BILANCIO Bilancio... the perfect balance. John Pianetta created a wine that highlights his two Estate varietals: Syrah and Cabernet. Upfront fruit followed

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