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Meet Pianetta's Elf on the Shelf - Emilio

Merry Christmas from Emilio - Pianetta's Elf on the Shelf.

Elf on the Shelf Wine

Emilio is always watching and waiting to report back to Santa. Make sure you stay on the "nice" list and send everyone a little holiday cheer in a bottle!

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Cards

If he's not putting up Christmas decorations, you can find Emilio the Elf just hanging out with his buddies, the Easter Bunny, and Oliver the Octopus, enjoying a glass (or a tote) of Pianetta wine.

Elf on the Shelf games and scene

Easter Bunny challenged Emilio the Elf to a game of music trivia. Bunny wants to know... "How much do you know about music?" Emilio wants to know... "What's your favorite Christmas song?"

Elf on the Shelf Trivia with Easter Bunny Scene

Just a reminder from Emilio: "Don't forget to send a gift to all of those on your nice list this year!"

Elf on the Shelf packing up wine gifts

And... do it in style in your own homemade ugly Christmas sweater.

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