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Thanksgiving: Approved Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and all you home chefs are counting dinner china sets, menu planning, and grocery listing. Among the chaos of the season, many of us forget to plan the element that could make or break the magnificent annual feast: the wine. Not to worry- Pianetta Winery and I have paired your favorite wines with our favorite Thanksgiving recipes!


The Perfect Pairings

The Appetizers

Caramelized Onion Bites by Erin Gleeson

Photo by: Erin Gleeson for the Forest Feast

Pianetta's Estate Cabernet is low-tannin and light in body, with a palate full of cherry and blackberry over mild spice. A touch of sweetness and familiarity makes Pianetta Estate Cabernet the perfect wine to share with your family on Turkey Day. This light Cabernet will pair well with all of your favorite appetizers... check out some appetizer ideas below.

The Veggies

Pianetta's Sangiovese is bright and creamy on the palate, with an acidic finish. Being a versatile and approachable wine, Sangiovese compliments all of your fresh salads and veggie casseroles without overpowering the dishes. Some of our favorite vegetable recipes for Thanksgiving are below.

The Main Course

Photo by: Alex Lau for bon appetit

Pianetta's Barbera is a high-acid, big bodied wine with a palate of bold fruit and mild smoked meats. The acid from the Barbera will cleanse your mouth after an array of rich flavors. Discover some of our favorite classic Thanksgiving recipes below.

The Dessert

Pumpkin Pie Wine Pairing

Photo by: Alex Lau for bon appetit

Pianetta's Estate Syrah is mildly earthy, with flavors of black and blue fruit on the palate. The fact is, Syrah has just the right amount of acidity, intensity, and sweetness to pair with any Thanksgiving pie, cookie or cake. Listed below are our favorite dessert recipes for your Thanksgiving table.


Cheers! And Happy Thanksgiving!


Special Thanks To:

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