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How To: Wine and Cheese Party

Since living in Paso Robles, I have discovered there is one thing most all locals, transplants, and visitors have in common: an astounding love for wine and food. Paso has over 200 wineries, each to be celebrated for fantastic wines, differing philosophies in wine making, and distinct guest experiences. Yet, people fly clear across the country to visit Paso Robles for more than the copious wineries. Wine Country called Paso Robles "a foodie wonderland," where every local eatery "celebrate[s] their location" with fresh, local offerings.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Party DIY

The Party

Pianetta Winery and I have created a DIY wine and cheese party, for all you folks to celebrate this wine paradise and "foodie wonderland" we call Paso Robles.


1. Pianetta Nonna's Vino Rosato with Fresh Peach Crostini and Brie

Spread Brie on a toasted baguette and top with a slice of fresh peach and sea salt.

2. Pianetta Merlot with Gouda, Apples, and Prosciutto

Top an apple slice with Gouda, then a thin slice of prosciutto.

3. Pianetta Estate Cabernet with Fresh Figs and Saint Agur

Slice fresh figs in half and top with Saint Agur, or your favorite creamy blue.

4. Pianetta Barbera with Mushroom and Fontina Crostini

Broil sliced mushrooms for 2 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper. Top with Fontina, broil for another 1 minute. Serve on a toasted baguette slice with fresh thyme.

5. Pianetta Estate Syrah with Ripe Plum and Delice de Bourgogne

Top a slice of summer ripe plum with Delice de Bourgogne, or any French fromage. Sprinkle with black pepper.



1. The day before the party, go to a local artisan cheese shop to pick up the cheeses on the menu. In Paso Robles, we love Di Raimondo's and Vivant Fine Cheese. If you do not have a cheese shop locally, you can order online at places like

2. Create a menu so guests know what they are tasting. At, you can easily design your own printable menus for free. Or, download our menu here.

3. One or two hours before the party, prepare the menu items and leave the platters out of the refrigerator. Cheese has the fullest flavor at room temperature.

Happy hosting!

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