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Give them something to talk about

To say that the last year and a half has been a whirlwind is probably an understatement. This makes the unique opportunities that arise such as our collaboration with local artist, Brandon Harward, that much more rewarding. The pandemic has treated each industry differently and art has been no exception. Local artist, Brandon Harward, a jeweler, metalsmith, sculptor and painter suddenly found all the art galleries closed and very few opportunities left to share his artwork. Artists, by their very nature, inspire, are inspired, and create. The pandemic did not stop Brandon from finding new ways to reach people and giving them something to enjoy. Early this year, Brandon teamed up with Pianetta to create a living sculpture installation at the downtown tasting room. The inspiration for the artwork was not just to give people something to view, but to connect the art with the inspiration behind the wines at Pianetta. Brandon saw the passion behind the “grape to glass” approach of Pianetta wines. Great wine really starts in the vineyard and each vineyard produces something unique. In order to incorporate the same feel with his installation, everything has been created out of upcycling grapevines, wine barrels and corks. He has created a conversation piece for customers, wine club members, art enthusiasts and passersby to enjoy. The installation is large enough to be seen through the windows at the front of the tasting room, but the real treat is an up-close viewing of all the pieces of the sculpture, titled “Pianetta Love”

Brandon has created a “living sculpture” completely crafted from upcycled grapevines, wine barrels, corks and leaves. The base of the piece showcases one of the trunks of the original grapevines planted at Pianetta circa 1997. Hanging from the canes of the large vine, he has created several unique “clusters” of grapes. Each individual grape cluster is made with dozens of hand-punched “berries” sourced from the Pianetta wine barrels. The coloring itself is the natural wine staining from years of aging. Each leaf on the individual clusters is made from bronze casts of the actual leaves of the Cabernet Sauvignon vines at Pianetta Winery. But that’s not all… Brandon has also crafted gold necklaces from different sized leaves, rings carved out of the old grapevines, lined with silver, cheeseboards made of both grapevines and barrels as well as several other unique pieces. You can purchase a piece of this unique experience to take home home with you. “This is just the beginning” Brandon says… He has more unique pieces coming to the Tasting Room to incorporate in the “Pianetta Love” sculpture. Stop by and take a look!


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