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Sparkling Rose? Why not!

“It is not only a game changer…. It is a life changing idea!” Harvest is always a very hectic time, but I always love to hear from club members! During some of the warmer days of harvest this past year, I heard from one of my club members who had a “life changing experience.” Around the Halloween timeframe, a few parents providing safe and fun festivities for kids shared some secret tips for stepping outside the box when serving rose! When our club members showed up with a few bottles of Low Maintenance they decided to try it out. The result? Pure bliss… Pure, bubbling, refreshing bliss! The big secret? Put the Low Maintenance through the Soda Stream! (Chilled in advance obviously). I don’t have much personal experience with the Soda Stream myself, however, the basic gist of the machine is that it uses CO2 cartridges to create sparkling water out of regular tap water. You can enjoy bubbles at a moment’s notice. Our club members simply replaced the water with our Low Maintenance, creating a playful, crisp, sparkling rose. I have yet to try this experiment myself, however, I am excited to see how it turns out? Why not give it a try? In regular sparkling wine production, when not using the traditional “methode champonoise,” many sparkling wines are made in the very same fashion, infusing CO2 into the wine and bottling it under pressure to preserve the bubbles.

Now you can do it yourself at home. Who knows, maybe you will see a Soda Stream machine this summer at the Pianetta tasting room. We will do a little of our own R&D and get back to you! A few tips from our club member if you want to try this at home: • Definitely start with a chilled bottle. Don’t pour it over ice as it can water down the flavor. • DO NOT fill the bottle all the way to the top when you use the Soda Stream unless you want Rose all over your walls! • We aren’t making wine spritzers, so don’t add any additional flavors. The soda stream comes with flavors to add to the water, be sure not to add those to the wine. • Low Maintenance wine is perfect as a dry, light and crisp rose to add some bubbles to. We preferred lighter, but if you want something a bit more full-bodied go for something a bit heavier.


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